Spiritual light is one of the most powerful tools behind every virtue and power of the souls. Lightness is a sign of maturity, wisdom and grace and helps to find a loving solution for every problem. Let me be such an angel who becomes a pillar of light for the world, one who shows everyone the path through my light mind and heart. *A special thank you and blessing to David Kilowsky for creating the music for this meditation.

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Sona Bahri has been practicing and teaching meditation globally for the past 28 years. Since March 2008, Sona has been teaching meditation in Abu Dhabi, both in the corporate environment and to individuals personally. She currently holds the position of Director - Inner Space Centre, Abu Dhabi and is responsible for the day to day management of Inner Space Centre’s affairs. Sona has delivered workshops and seminars on a range of different topics from mindfulness & meditation to stress management and interpersonal relationships and communication. Sona learnt meditation during her teenage years and was amazed at how quickly and effectively it enhanced her ability to focus and absorb information. Since then she has refined her personal practice and built upon it a strong foundation from which she delivers wisdom and easy-to implement skills to create strong minds and clear intellects. Trained as a professional translator and interpreter, Sona speaks 7 languages. Music by David Kilowsky