"I am the sea" is a poetic meditation, using the sea as a metaphor for the soul. Discover something about your nature as you spend five minutes diving below the busy surface waves, exploring the deeper stillness, in order to become resilient to the winds of change. Spoken by Carmen Warrington, with the sound of the ocean waves giving way to a chorus of mermaids.

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Melbourne’s Carmen Warrington is well known to audiences globally as the voice of peace, through her guided meditations and ambient songs. She is also the bestselling author of two inspirational books Today I will... and Today I am... She presents Sounds of Peace concerts and also conducts Soundbaths, featuring the enchanting sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and her soothing, ethereal voice. Carmen has studied and taught meditation since 1984. Thank you to Eternity Ink for permission to use these meditation commentaries. For more life-enriching commentaries please see website: www.eternityink.com.au Copyright: Brahma Kumaris Australia. Contact email: info@eternityink.com.au