Meditation on Sustainability

This meditation highlights that you first need to spend time looking inwards before looking outwards. To respect yourself is to develop self-awareness and the awareness of every soul. Respect is the basis of sustainable and healthy relationships. To what extent do you appreciate this planet? It is a very precious, blue pearl. To have positive thoughts for all forms of life is to treat matter with care. Are you a taker or a giver? To sustain our planet you need a warm heart and a cool, clear head.

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Rose Goodenough who co-ordinates Inner Space Meditation Centre in Glasgow has been practising and teaching meditation since the early 1980s. Rose shares from her heart with honesty and a depth of wisdom gained from her practical experience of using the power of meditation in her life. Her talks are appreciated for their comforting encouragement and powerful clear insights. Music by Matthew Stephenson, known as EYESEE