Beyond Limits

There are many ways to transcend limits. This meditation by Bebe Butler leads the soul into a simple exercise that anyone can do daily to fly closer to freedom.

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Bebe came to the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation path in Boston whilst in college in 1996. She moved to Tampa. Bebe dedicated her life to sharing the study and practice of Raja Yoga Meditation in such a unique way. Through workshops, lectures and creative sessions Bebe gave everyone she encountered the gift of seeing their true self.Bebe‘s sweetness, listening ear and understanding nature combined with her comedic style left everyone’s heart filled with love, peace and joy. Bebe was instrumental in developing the Tuesday series programs for at the meditation center. Yet one service she has done that she will continue to do is guide all into deep calm and love through the hundreds of guided meditations she created and are used in meditation classes and workshops worldwide. On Tuesday, November 8th 2016, our sister and friend Bebe Butler passed away peacefully surrounded by her family.