Is There Anything More Precious Than Love

Guided meditations to soothe the mind and inspire love and compassion, created and spoken by Charlie Hogg, with music from Dr Kim Cunio. These meditations are based on the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. They aim to connect us to our core self and take us to our higher self. They focus and calm swirling thoughts and bring both mind and body to a state of centredness, peace and upliftmen. ‘

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CHARLES HOGG Charlie is the National Coordinator (Chief Executive) of The Brahma Kumarisin Australia,and the Chairman of its Board of Directors. He is based in Sydney and regularly visits the 40 BK venues around Australia. He is also an active member of the Brahma Kumaris international coordinating group, responsible for major international projects and the administrative direction of the organisation’s global network of centres. Charlie has been on a committed spiritual path for over 40 years. As a senior teacher of the Brahma Kumaris these days, he travels extensively and has visited more than 80 countries as a speaker at international conferences and BK public programs, including special guest at spiritual retreats; sharing his experiences of applying spirituality in daily life and also teaching meditation. From experience, he knows meditation is an extraordinary tool to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health in a world increasingly challenged by anxiety, stress, greed and depression. Thank you to Eternity Ink for permission to use these meditation commentaries. For more life-enriching commentaries please see website: Copyright: Brahma Kumaris Australia. Contact email: