Meditation for Mother Earth

Valeriane Bernard – Meditation for Mother Earth

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Valériane Bernard, Switzerland/France NGO Representative of the Brahma Kumaris to UN, Geneva As an NGO Representative of the Brahma Kumaris to the UN, Geneva, Valériane has had an interest in spirituality all her life and has been practising Raja Yoga meditation since 1986. She is actively involved, in raising public awareness about climate change within the interfaith movement at the COPs being part of the Interfaith Liaison Committee with the UNFCCC and at the United Nations in Geneva. She has been involved in the ecological movement since Rio 1992, promoting sustainable development and the ethical and human rights aspects of climate change. She is dedicated to raise awareness to advance the standing of women, promote sustaining practices with the environment and through interfaith gatherings, broaden cultural understanding. She has lived and worked in over six countries, including Costa Rica, France, Switzerland and Chile and continues to build bridges of understanding between cultures