Experience the real self

Let us see together who the True Self is when we let go of our physical identities or the roles we have identified with all our life. Perhaps we will be left with the answer to the eternal question “Who Am I?”

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Anna Doiliani Born and educated in Greece, Anna Doiliani holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Athens and is a teacher of Greek Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Anna’s lifetime search for truth and a higher purpose for human life led her to discover meditation in 1987. Since then her actual experiences from her personal practice together with her desire to help others has led her to help establish Meditation Centers in Greece and Middle East countries. Anna is currently the director of the Meditation Centre in Lebanon while she also travels the world running seminars on education and values, science and spirituality and other areas of human spiritual development, encouraging discussion, meditation and action for changing the self and so the world. Anna's innate passion is to explore in depth human consciousness and serve the world by helping in bringing out the best in others.